Art, computer science and data science: meharry SACS #GOALS Exhibit

School of Applied Computational Sciences

The #GOALS SACS exhibit was designed to introduce middle school students to healthcare careers by incorporating art, computer science, and data science.

The exhibit consists of a motion sensor network of Raspberry Pi 400 computers and PIR sensors laid out in a gallery format. The art in this gallery consists of eight large displays of healthcare careers including:

  1. Doctor
  2. Dentist
  3. Physician’s Assistant
  4. Dental Hygienist
  5. Pharmacist
  6. EMT
  7. Medical Assistant
  8. Nurse Practioner

Participants browse the gallery of healthcare careers eight Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Human Sensors placed throughout the exhibit. The triggered  sensors continuously generate timestamped event data which is stored as flat files on the Raspberry Pi devices. Splunk forwarder software installed on each Rasbperry Pi monitors the data generated by the PIR and periodically forwards the event data to a main device (Macbook Pro laptop computer). The data is indexed and stored in Splunk format. Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) code is used to convert the event data to visualizations in a dashboard on a large display screen. 

The setup includes the following components which can be found on Amazon for use in classroom activities after the event:

  1. Raspberry Pi 400 Computer Kit US Keyboard Layout – 16 GB, W125890265 (US Keyboard Layout – 16 GB microSD-Kort, 1 m mikro-HDMI til HDMI A-Kabel -)
  2. DEYUE breadboard Set Prototype Board – 6 PCS 400 Pin Solderless Board Kit for Raspberry pi and Arduino Project
  3. Haitronic 120pcs 20cm Length…
  4. Geekstory 5PCS HC-SR312 AM312 Mini Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Human Sensor Module Modules Body Motion Automatic Detector DC 2.7 to 12V for Arduino Raspberry Pi

Instructions for setting up the Raspberry Pi devices and the PIR sensors can be found at the following links:

Instructions for installing Splunk on the Raspberry Pis can be found here

An interesting article about data science in healthcare can be found here

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