Gina Robinson

M.S. Data Science

DEFIN’D: Examining the Efficacy of Data-Driven Digital Recruitment Strategies for Clinical Trials in Attracting Candidates from Diverse Backgrounds

Clinical trials play a vital role in advancing medical research and enhancing patient outcomes. Nevertheless, the recruitment of diverse participants for these trials remains a significant challenge. The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy of digital recruitment strategies in attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds for clinical trials. To achieve this, the study will conduct a comprehensive review of existing literature on digital recruitment efforts in clinical trials, with a particular emphasis on diversity considerations. Additionally, a pre-collected dataset consisting of diverse digital recruitment campaigns and their outcomes will be utilized, supplemented with data from the US census. The analysis will primarily focus on key metrics such as the number of recruited participants, demographic information, recruitment channels and outreach, participant engagement, and participant retention rates. By examining these data points, the study aims to identify trends and patterns pertaining to the effectiveness of digital recruitment strategies in enrolling participants from diverse backgrounds. Preliminary findings indicate that digital recruitment strategies have the potential to reach a broader audience and attract participants from diverse backgrounds compared to traditional recruitment methods. However, several factors were found to influence the effectiveness of these strategies, including the selection of appropriate digital platforms, targeted messaging, and cultural sensitivities. By identifying the strengths and limitations of digital recruitment strategies, this study aims to provide valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing future clinical trial recruitment efforts. The findings will inform researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical trial coordinators on the best practices for designing inclusive digital recruitment campaigns that effectively engage candidates from diverse backgrounds.