Checking-in with alumni: Shara D. Taylor, M.S. Data Science

Shara Taylor feature image

Shara D. Taylor enrolled in the Master of Science in Data Science program with the goal of transitioning to a role in data. She was a member of the School’s first cohort and graduated in May of 2023. Today, she is a business systems data analyst at Instruction Partners, a non-profit educational consulting firm.

As the first data analyst on her team, Shara has the interesting opportunity to contribute to a growing team. Her work supports HR, marketing, fundraising, and other business functions at Instruction Partners. The firm is located in Nashville, but she enjoys the convenience of working remotely.

I caught up with Shara to learn about her new role, data science job search experience, and how she is using the tools she learned in the M.S. Data Science program. She has advice for Meharry SACS students looking for a new job and even shares how her capstone project, a text analysis of hip-hop lyrics, helped her stand out in her interview.

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