Djan participating in the All of Us Researcher Academy Internship Program

Pam Djan feature

Pam Djan, a Biomedical Data Science Ph.D. student, is participating in the All of Us Researcher Academy Internship Program.

The All of Us Researcher Academy Internship is an experiential learning opportunity that provides mentored training to graduate and undergraduate students on accessing and analyzing data from the All of Us Research Program. The paid internship lasts from June to Sept. 2024.

The program is ideal for Djan, who is pursuing career goals in cancer genetics and biomedical data science.

“I will work with a vast and diverse dataset by applying machine learning and data science techniques to uncover genetic factors influencing health and disease,” says Djan. 

“This experience will help me learn how to turn complex genetic data into useful findings for personalized medicine,” she adds.

Djan will work with research mentors Aize Cao, Ph.D, associate professor of biomedical data science at Meharry SACS, and Barret Montgomery, Ph.D., research public health analyst at RTI International.

 With their guidance, she is exploring the following public health research questions.

  • How can machine learning methods be applied to identify genetic variations that drive cancer development and progression?
  • What are the rare genetic variants associated with increased susceptibility to specific types of cancer?
  • How do these genetic variations differ across underrepresented populations, and how do they contribute to disparities in cancer incidence and outcomes?

“I interact with them through weekly one-on-one meetings, where we discuss my progress, troubleshoot challenges, and brainstorm new approaches,” says Djan. “Additionally, we have bi-weekly meetings where I can present my findings to the larger team and receive feedback.”

As part of the internship, Djan will submit an abstract for potential inclusion in a future All of Us Researchers Convention or other scientific meeting.

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