Dr. Ghosh to develop CyberAI program for underrepresented communities

SACS Advancement Council feature

Uttam Ghosh, Ph.D., associate professor, cybersecurity, is developing CyberAI, a training platform on AI and cybersecurity for people in underrepresented communities. The program is funded by the National Science Foundation funded Big South Data Hub SEEDS Program.

CyberAI is intended for high school students to professionals who do not have a computer science or similar background.

Uttam Ghosh, Ph.D.

“Our goal is to introduce the fundamentals required to gain an understanding of cybersecurity and AI solutions,” says Dr. Ghosh.

Through on-demand video lectures, workshops, and hands-on experiments, students will explore several AI-enabled cybersecurity techniques.

“We will cover spam filtering, anomaly detection, malware detection and prevention, intelligent threat analysis, password protection, phishing identification and protection, and similar topics,” says Dr. Ghosh.

There will be no prerequisites for the program beyond a basic understanding of computer and web browser use.

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