Dr. Ghosh to develop edge-cloud interplay platform for efficient data communication and processing for Intelligent Medical Systems

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Virtual visits, remote patient monitoring and wearable electronics are increasingly part of modern health care. These services produce vast, diverse data that data scienties need to process and analyze to help optimize care. That work typically takes place in a remote cloud repository that cannot efficiently handle high volumes of data. The National Science Foundation CISE-MSI program has awarded Dr. Uttam Ghosh, associate professor of cybersecurity, a $360,000 grant to develop a new solution.

Uttam Ghosh

Health care providers use a remote, central cloud repository to process and analyze large volumes of medical data.

“Moving, preparing and analyzing that massive data can lead to network latency, consumes bandwidth, and does not provide adequate quality of service,” says Dr. Ghosh. “Each of those issues negatively affect health care services.”

The goal of Dr. Ghosh’s study is to use edge computing to develop an edge-cloud interplay platform that will provide efficient data communication and processing for Intelligent Medical Systems. Edge computing takes place between the cloud and end-users such as patients and health care providers.

“Through edge computing, we can process large amounts of locally created datasets as they are closer to where they are captured,” says Dr. Ghosh. “We can analyze data very quickly and subsequently eliminate the need to send it back to the cloud.”

Another important benefit of Dr. Ghosh’s project is exposing Meharry SACS students, many who are from underrepresented communities, to research at the intersection of artificial intelligence, software-defined networking (SDN), cloud, and edge technologies. His work will also enhance the school’s data science curriculum.

The title of Dr. Ghosh’s project is Efficient Data Communication and Processing for Intelligent Medical Systems with Edge-Cloud Interplay. He will collaborate with Dr. Sachin Shetty at Old Dominion University.

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