La Chiara Landrum: from data analyst to data scientist

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When La Chiara Landrum began the M.S. Data Science program in August 2023, artificial intelligence was all over the news. She quickly realized an opportunity and wasted no time applying her coursework to her job.

As an experienced pricing analyst, she wisely saw the need to add more predictive analytical skills to gain a deeper understanding of pricing and to strengthen her resume.

“What I really wanted to do was learn how to be a value add to a company, or in my position as a pricing analyst, to really be able to not only tell about a past performance, but also add some type of forecast or some type of understanding of why the price should be this or why the price should be changed,” says Landrum.

Landrum, who holds a bachelor’s degree in data analytics from Lipscomb University, had been a pricing analyst for eight years, with the last 18 months in the Treasury Department at Caterpillar.

Caterpillar was also looking to improve their reporting process, and she wanted to be part of that growth.

“Because our classes are actually hitting what we use in today’s industry, our classes are preparing us to go to work immediately. The things that I learned in class, I knew I couldn’t use them in my current position,” says Landrum. “So I’m like, ok, I got to find a way to use these skills.”

She started to attend continuous improvement committees and lunches and successfully positioned her years of experience analyzing in Excel with her developing data science skills that enable automation.

Then, while still in the second semester of the M.S. Data Science program, she started a new position as data scientist II on the Business Intelligence and Data Solutions team at Caterpillar. In that role she recognizes existing reporting and introduces newer automated versions that the senior data scientist will build.

Learn more about La Chiara, her goals, and how she positioned herself to become a data scientist at Caterpillar at the video below.

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