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Preliminary Observations on ExAI in in Myeloma and Prostate Cancer Staging Cases

March 26 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm

Part of the Ethical and Responsible AI in Medical Systems Seminar Series

T.L. Wallace

T.L. Wallace, Ph.D.
Chair, Biomedical Data Science Department
Professor, Computational Sciences


Preliminary observations on the explain-ability of artificial intelligence (AI) (ExAI) in cancer staging algorithms in precision and personalized medicine are burgeoning in many areas of practice. Selected algorithms based upon geneotype and phenotype patient data for prostate cancer and plasma cell myeloma are discussed in the context of two cases and various aspects are noted. Elements of each algorithm are highlighted and emphasized in the context of the patient and clinician view through the prism of informed consent and explainability. The benefits of accuracy versus explainable models are often in tension in the ExAI discussion; these concepts are noted. The two cases considered represent different points on the AI state of the art spectrum near the intersection of genomics and precision medicine.

About T.L. Wallace, Ph.D.

Professor Wallace has over twenty years of in silico atomic and molecular physics modeling from first principles in quantum mechanics and physical phenomenon, including applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in modeling complex physics, in areas such as quantitative diagnostics and measurements in biophysical, atomic and nuclear spin resolved processes. Notable 2014 dissertation topics and published papers at Tennessee State University included award winning topics in subspace mathematical multivariate statistical machine learning algorithms in high dimensions with applications in radiological imaging algorithms and genetic sequence deep learning. Professor Wallace is credited with more than 50 scientific and technical publications in various conferences, journals, technical reports and book chapters with several local and national awards. Dr Wallace received the Dean’s Award in 2015 for Researcher of the Year; serves as professor and chair in the SACS Biomedical Data Science Department; and is the principal researcher and founder of the Advanced Computational and Theoretical Systems Biology Lab.

This seminar series is made possible through funding from NSF Award #2334391 and RCMI Program in Health Disparities Research at Meharry Medical College, NIH Supplement Award: 3U54MD007586-37S3.