Meharry SACS faculty

About Us

Everything we do — whether it is our industry-relevant academic programs or innovative research — is grounded in a pursuit of excellence and our vision to serve society. 
— Dean Fortune S. Mhlanga

The School of Applied Computational Sciences is the fourth school at Meharry Medical College. The School advances scholarship in key domains of computational sciences by: 

  • Innovating through socially responsible and impactful research and development to approach complex problems like COVID-19; 
  • Academic excellence accentuated through outstanding service to humanity; 
  • Connecting to key health care industries, business, influencers, and thought leaders; and 
  • Serving to benefit society at large. 
We pursue this vision through four core areas.

Our online M.S. Data Science,  M.S. Biomedical Data Science, Ph.D. Data Science, and Ph.D. Biomedical Data Science programs add an important component to Meharry’s storied academic tradition. The academic programs also prepare students for professional success and to better serve their community.

Clinical Enterprise 
Our Data Science Core Lab features a first-class infrastructure that includes clinical data and supercomputing capabilities to enable collection and analysis of clinical data. 

Research and Development 
We partner with Meharry Medical College faculty as well as members of the health care, technological and business community to develop impactful and socially-responsible scientific knowledge and practical technologies that empower society to improve the quality of life. 

Business Processes and Student Support 
We also provide analytical support to Meharry’s academic and non-academic units in areas where analytics can inform how resources could provide better outcomes. 

Our Guided Principles

  • Quality assurance of academic programs
  • Service to our university and communities
  • Continued professional development of faculty
  • Activities to build ties to industry
  • Education opportunities to underrepresented groups
  • Shared governance
  • Mutual respect and human dignity
Seal of the School of Applied Computational Sciences

The seal of the School of Applied Computational Sciences features a gear and genomic big data underpinned by a printed circuit board. It symbolizes how the School plays an integral role in driving biomedical research at Meharry Medical College through our mission to advance scholarship in key domains of computational sciences by Innovating through academic excellence and impactful research, Connecting to key health care industries, businesses, influencers, and thought leaders in the areas of computational science, and Serving society at large.