The explosive growth of biomedical data is presenting tremendous opportunities, as well as challenges, for improving health care. Today, the biomedical data science professional, who is skilled in computer programming, big data management, statistical data analysis, and machine learning, is critical to the ongoing response to COVID-19, advancements in precision medicine, and the discovery of cures for cancer, Ebola and other complex diseases. In short, they are the sought-after technology professional in the health care and public health fields.

Help improve health care and public health

Meharry Medical College will prepare you to play an important role in helping health care organizations understand how massive biomedical data sets are best analyzed to discover and harness new knowledge. Future career roles include machine learning engineer, machine learning scientist, infrastructure architect and other in-demand data science professions. Your expertise will impact our society by helping understand and prevent disease and ultimately provide improved, faster and more affordable health care and public health.

Improve health care by mastering biomedical data science

The online Master of Science in Biomedical Data Science (MSBD) degree program will equip professionals like you with best-practice knowledge and current methodologies to make their organizations more agile. You will be prepared for future success by acquiring skills to capture, aggregate and analyze disparate types of biomedical data, recognize patterns and trends within that data, and communicate results.

As a graduate, you will open doors to previously inaccessible career paths such as machine learning engineer, machine learning scientist, infrastructure architect and other in-demand data science professions that are critical to improving health care.

Accomplished faculty, challenging courses—with the convenience of an online program

At Meharry, you will learn from expert faculty who are passionate about applying data science to a wide range of health care solutions, including combatting cancer and other complex diseases. Our online program gives you the flexibility to fit classes into your schedule. You can also continue to earn salary and benefits while you pursue your degree. Plus, your colleagues will notice your expanding skillset and expertise.

Academics Overview

Our program builds on the experience of participants and emphasizes the development of communication and presentation skills in a team-based, data-driven economy environment.

Degree Requirements

Completion of the program requires 42 graduate credits (14 courses). To provide a common background in biomedical data science, ten core courses are required of all students. In addition to the core courses, students will choose a concentration track within the program with three courses in an emphasis area. (Schedule permitting and with the approval of the program director, students may also choose their three emphasis courses from any of the concentration track areas.) The degree culminates with a comprehensive real-life, industry-type capstone oriented toward the student’s domain of interest.

Biomedical Data Science Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate offers a quick way to acquire new data science skills that will build your credentials and earn further respect in your profession.


Tuition and Fees

An estimated cost of attendance is provided by the Meharry Medical College’s Office of Financial Aid. The estimate includes reasonable costs, such as room and board, in addition to tuition.

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Learn to harness big data, precision modeling informatics, biostatistics and other aspects of data science to help prevent disease and positively impact health care and public health.