Our program builds on the experience of participants and emphasizes the development of communication and presentation skills in a team-based data-driven economy environment. Interactive classes will ensure that you learn as much from your classmates as the faculty and course materials. Your coursework will conclude with a comprehensive real-world, industry-type capstone, oriented toward your domain of interest.

The MS Data Science curriculum encompasses all important aspects of data science, including:
  • Mainstream computer programming for data science
  • Statistical inference and decision modeling
  • Big data management and analytics
  • AI and Computational ML
  • NLP and Text Analytics
  • Predictive modeling and analytics
  • Visualization and unstructured data analysis
  • Data conscientiousness
  • Ethics of data science
You will also learn in-demand skills that will prepare you for success in your data science career.
  • Computer programming using various programming languages including Python, R, SQL, SAS, Java, JavaScript, Julia, Scala, MATLAB, TensorFlow, Go
  • Data Wrangling – ability to acquire, transform, map, deal with data imperfections, cleanse, and prepare data from disparate sources for statistical analysis and decision modeling
  • Using probability and statistics to explore and understand data
  • Using multivariate calculus and linear algebra to build machine learning models
  • Database management
  • Data visualization and communication
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Cloud computing – to provide access to databases, frameworks, programming languages, and operational tools
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