MS Data Science Curriculum

Our professional program will prepare you to analyze big data and communicate your findings to influence decisions in any industry. In interactive classes, you will learn every aspect of data science. The curriculum includes programming languages, data infrastructure, data collection, data engineering, machine learning, statistical inference and data visualization. In the comprehensive capstone course, you will apply your data science education to a real-world business problem in a domain of your interest.

The MS Data Science curriculum encompasses all important aspects of data science, including:

  • Programming languages (Python, R, SAS, SQL)
  • Mainstream computer programming for data science
  • Statistical inference and decision modeling
  • Big data management and analytics
  • Artificial intelligence and computational machine learning
  • NLP and text analytics
  • Predictive modeling and analytics
  • Visualization and unstructured data analysis
  • Data conscientiousness
  • Ethics of data science

Degree Requirements

14 courses, 42 graduate credits

Students will gain a common background in data science through thirteen core courses. The degree culminates with a comprehensive real-life, industry-type capstone, oriented toward the student’s domain of interest.

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