biomedical data science ph.d.

Lead with data and improve health care and public health through our Biomedical Data Science Ph.D. program

Through biomedical data science, you can learn to analyze biomedical data to better understand diseases and provide improved – and more affordable — health care. In Meharry’s Biomedical Data Science Ph.D. program you will learn to discover new knowledge from biomedical data sets. You will collaborate with faculty, and conduct independent research, to develop new technologies and novel data analysis methods.

Biomedical Data Science Ph.D. curriculum and resources

We know that pursuing a doctorate program is one of the biggest career decisions you will make. The Biomedical Data Science Ph.D. will prepare you to develop novel tools and leverage real-world, massive biomedical data to advance precision health, drug discovery and other areas of biomedical science.

  • Biomedical data science courses include predictive modeling, computational structural biology, applied machine learning, mathematical and statistical theory, advanced biostatistics and epidemiology.
  • Research topics of interest before beginning your dissertation.
  • First-class resources: high-performance, supercomputer network and robust, diverse data resources.

Work with faculty who are impacting society

Our faculty are impacting society through meaningful research in areas such as:

  • Computational and theoretical biology, quantum computing
  • Atomic, molecular, and protein modeling, e.g. for drug efficacy
  • Population health informatics
  • Geospatial big data to support health care related application scenarios
  • Close-range photogrammetry, computer vision and 3D printing for health care and epidemiology

Scholarships available! 

Meharry is committed to increasing diveristy in the
data science profession.

We are offering scholarships for up to 50% of one year of tuition for African American students accepted in our M.S. Data Science or our M.S. or Ph.D. Biomedical Data Science programs. 

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