Printable Faculty Expectations Card

Equipping Current and Future Leaders
of the 21st Century Data-Dependent Economy

The School of Applied Computational Sciences faculty are accomplished teachers and researchers who are passionate about applying data science to a wide range of health care solutions as well as combatting cancer and other complex diseases.

Brand Mantra

The three words that articulate the “heart and soul” of the SACS are Innovate, Connect, and Serve. These three words stand out in our Mission Statement.

Overall Goal (Vision)

To be recognized for our impact on society.

Overall Purpose (Mission)

The School of Applied Computational Sciences advances scholarship in key domains of computational sciences by Innovating through academic excellence and impactful research, Connecting to key health care industries, businesses, influencers, and thought leaders in the areas of computational science, and Serving society at large.

Faculty Expectations

SACS faculty will create a learning environment in which people treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect, while at the same time promoting an open and critical exchange of ideas. To do this, SACS faculty will be expected to: 

  • be knowledgeable about the subject matter;
  • be prepared for class with materials and visuals designed with all students in mind, including those with disabilities;
  • approach each class with enthusiasm for the learning process and academic inquiry;
  • foster an environment of collaborative learning, encouraging active participation rather than passive attendance;
  • respect students as individuals, considering each student’s learning style, background, and demands on time;
  • set high performance standards and communicate how to achieve them successfully;
  • clearly state standards for evaluating student work when assignments are given;
  • return student work or respond to student inquiries in a timely fashion;
  • honor office hours and be reasonably available at other times; and,
  • refrain from using language, humor, or course examples that may be insulting or insensitive.