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The School of Applied Computational Sciences is the fourth school at Meharry Medical College. We further the great work Meharry has done to advance health equity through advanced computational sciences. That means we take heath care data and turn it into new knowledge that can provide faster drug treatments, help combat cancer, and make our health care system better for everyone. Our state-of-the-art clinical enterprise and Advanced Computing and Analytics Laboratory make this discovery possible and can also help solve problems for partners in several industries.

Through our academic programs we seek to prepare a generation of students who embrace our mission to innovate, connect and serve. We invite you to learn more about our School and how our programs may benefit your organization. Please indicate your interest by completing the form to the right.

Academic programs

We offer graduate certificates and master’s degrees in data science and biomedical data science. Our programs equip students with the industry-relevant skills and methodologies they need to lead with data expertise. Through the classroom and real-world experience, they become prepared to understand a business problem; capture, aggregate and analyze disparate types of data; recognize trends in that data; and communicate results. Under the guidance of our expert faculty, students will even have the opportunity to start applying their growing skills in data science to help their organizations. 

Collaborative, online learning experience

With our collaborative, dynamic learning environment we expect students to learn as much from each other as our faculty. Our flexible schedule allows them to access prepared lectures in the morning, afternoon or evening. Class discussions will be scheduled according to student schedules.

Research and Development 

Clinical Enterprise 

Our Data Science Core Lab features a first-class infrastructure that includes clinical data and supercomputing capabilities to enable collection and analysis of clinical data. 

Advanced Computing and Analytics Laboratory

The Advanced Computing and Analytics Laboratory supplements SACS research activities with data science and software engineering expertise to foster a culture of innovation, learning, engagement and personal growth.  It seeks to transition academic know-how and solutions into revolutionary solutions for industry, business and government.  The laboratory also promotes the protection and commercialization of intellectual property.

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