Advancement council

Dr. Edmund Jackson

CEO, UnityAI
Partner, Whistler Labs
Nashville, Tenn.

Dr. Edmund Jackson is the chief data officer and chief data scientist of HCA Healthcare, where he is responsible for raising the bar on the organization’s utilization of data, analytics and machine learning.  He holds a BscEng and MScEng in electronic engineering, and a Ph.D. in statistical signal processing from Cambridge University. He concluded a career in the London quant hedge fund industry, with a move to the USA which presented an opportunity for more meaningful work. 

Dr. Jackson leads data governance and data science at the enterprise level, as well as analytics, biostatistics and business intelligence within the clinical domain.  Under his leadership, the notable achievements of these teams include the creation and operations of SPOT, a real-time clinical data system that has reduced sepsis mortality across 160 hospitals by almost 30 percent, winning the 2020 Eissenberg Award for Quality, and NATE, a real-time, patient-oriented data and analytics platform now critical to clinical operations.  The analytic products produced within the clinical data team enable the data-oriented approach to clinical performance management emblematic of HCA Healthcare. 

Dr. Jackson aspires every day to live up to the motto that “above all else we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.”  In his spare time he enjoys CrossFit, gardening and playing music with more enthusiasm than skill.