Consultation and Services

The School of Applied Computational Sciences partners with your research efforts to best leverage the school’s tools and resources.


We provide big data consulting services to help researchers and clinicians develop novel technological and data solutions that empower research and translation of findings to clinical care.

Please use the button below to contact Dr. Ashutosh Singhal, medical research, development and strategy director, about a consulting service.


The Data Science Infrastructure: Data Collection, Store, Secure and Transfer (CSST)

Data Collection
We provide collections of uniform data (clinical or other) about a population defined by disease, condition, event or procedure.

Data Storage
We will help store data in a secure and private modern cloud platform that is fully compliant with HIPAA.

Data Transfer or Data Access
We will make data accessible upon your request to a facility or individual at Meharry or a third party via a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) or VPN.

Data Curation, Data Registries or Data Repositories
This service can be requested by a lead investigator, clinician or department leadership to support multiple ongoing, longitudinal efforts encompassing quality of care, clinical effectiveness, research, or education.

Research Data Extracts
This service supports drafting or conducting grant work, publishing or presenting findings, conducting quality improvement, or research activities.

Reports and Data Visualization (Dashboards)
This service can be requested by any MMC/MMG Health employee involved in patient care or health system operations, including managers working on clinic quality, laboratory staff, finance, clinical operations, quality and safety, and clinical work-flow applications teams.

Data Requests
Please complete the Data Request Form using the button below to begin a conversation about clinical data needs for your research.

Rates for research and development services

Professional ServiceRate Per Hour

MMC Federal Grants and Contracts$90.00

MMC Internal Grants, Pilot, Feasibility$90.00

MMC Clinical operation$90.00

External Foundations, HBCUs and Other Non Profits$90.00

External Academic Institutions$125.00

External Industry$200.00

Long-term/large-scale service supportContact for discussion