External R&D Collaborations

The School of Applied Computational Sciences is applying faculty expertise to the following cutting-edge research and development projects that are improving our understanding of COVID-19, developing critical medical instruments, driving advancements in the diagnosis of measles, and harnessing mHealth data to help treatment of hematologic cancer patients and for early diagnosis and prediction of COVID-19 health risks.

We look forward to partnering with businesses and organizations from all industries. Dr. Todd Gary, director of community and external R&D partnerships, will work with you to apply our cutting-edge expertise to help solve your most pressing problems and advance your organizational goals. You may contact him at tpgary@mmc.edu or complete this form to begin a conversation about partnering with us.

Recent Collaborations

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Meharry and Alabama A&M to partner on NIHHD-funded artificial intelligence research

Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences and Alabama A&M will work together to identify artificial intelligence biases and educate others in ethical and responsible AI. The partnership is possible through funding from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD).

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Meharry SACS joins CHAI – Coalition for Health AI

At a time when AI seems poised for exponential growth, deep conversations about responsible use of AI in health care, especially in terms of health equity, are vital. By joining CHAI, the Coalition for Health AI, Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences is now an active participant in those discussions with leading industry members like Duke AI Health, Stanford and MITRE.

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NASA grant funds Meharry precollege program for underrepresented students

NASA has awarded Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences and Fisk University funding to engage underrepresented high school students in a collaborative, interactive data science program.

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Wallace helps develop computational methods to infer structure interdependence from protein family MSAs

Dr. T.L. Wallace, professor, computational sciences, and colleagues recently co-published work on a new computational method that may help researchers studying proteins and support development of new drug treatment strategies.

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Ghosh helps develop a Brain-UAV Communication Model using a Stacked Ensemble CSP algorithm

Dr. Uttam Ghosh, associate professor of cybersecurity, and colleagues have developed a one-of-a-kind prototype for smooth and reliable control of a UAV by the human brain.

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NIH R25 award funds Meharry, Fisk and VUMC partnership to engage diverse students in research

Meharry Medical College, Fisk University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) have received an NIH R25 award to engage diverse undergraduate and graduate students in meaningful biomedical informatics and biomedical data science summer research experiences.

We collaborate with our colleagues at Meharry Medical College as well as businesses and organizations in the health care and technology communities in Nashville and beyond.