Clinical Trials and Outcomes Innovation Lab

Ashutosh Singhal

Ashutosh Singhal, Ph.D.
Chief Data Officer &
Associate Vice-President, EDA
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Data Science

At the Clinical Trials and Outcomes Innovation Lab, under the leadership of Dr. Ashutosh Singhal, we integrate cutting-edge data science methodologies with clinical research to advance health care outcomes. Our mission is twofold: to conduct rigorous clinical trials aimed at improving patient care and to leverage data-driven approaches to address complex health care challenges. We are dedicated to promoting health equity and increasing minority participation in clinical trials through innovative data-driven strategies.

Research Focus

Our lab’s research efforts are driven by a commitment to harnessing the power of data science to transform health care delivery and patient outcomes. We specialize in developing and testing hypotheses on human subjects under controlled environments, utilizing advanced data analytics techniques to derive meaningful insights. Our research extends beyond traditional clinical trials, encompassing the exploration of large-scale clinical datasets to identify trends, patterns, and predictive models that inform evidence-based healthcare practices. 

Integration of Data Science and Clinical Research

Data science, under the leadership of Dr. Ashutosh Singhal, a renowned genomics and clinical research expert with a Ph.D. and specialized training from the NIH Clinical Center, is integral to our research. Leveraging his expertise, we integrate cutting-edge data science techniques, including machine learning and statistical modeling, to extract insights from complex datasets. This allows us to uncover novel insights into disease mechanisms, tailor interventions, predict treatment responses, and optimize health care delivery. 

In collaboration with our interdisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, and data experts, we utilize innovative data science tools and technologies, such as clinical decision support systems, to: 

  • Identify patient populations at risk of adverse health outcomes or eligible for clinical study or trial. 
  • Predict disease progression and treatment response. 
  • Optimize health care delivery processes to enhance efficiency and quality of care. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of health care interventions and clinical programs.

Dr. Singhal’s leadership ensures that data science remains central to our mission of driving innovation and improving health outcomes for all. 

Student Research

We are currently accepting inquiries for student research. Contact Dr. Singhal at

Grant Support

Realizing Accelerated Progress, Investigation, Implementation, and Dissemination in Learning Health Systems (RAPID-LHS) Center 
Major Goals: This P30 application, funded by AHRQ and PCORI, aims to establish a center that supports the development of faculty health scientists in learning health systems (LHS) research. The center will also provide resources for the evaluation of LHS initiatives, aligning with AHRQ’s vision to improve health care quality in America. 
Funding: AHRQ (1P30HS029767-01) 
Collaborator: Christianne Roumie, MD, MPH; Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

The Mid-South Clinical Data Research Network/PCORnet 
Major Goals: This initiative, supported by PCORI, aims to establish a Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN) comprising three large health systems. These include the Vanderbilt Health System, Vanderbilt Healthcare Affiliated Network (VHAN), and a partnership with Greenway Medical Technologies. The network will facilitate research access to millions of patient records in the mid-South region. 
Funding: PCORI (R-1306-04869) 
Collaborator: Russell Rothman, MD, MPP; Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Engaging Cooperative Sites for Trial Acceleration, Trust, Innovation, and Capability (ECSTATIC) 
Major Goals: ECSTATIC aims to enhance institutional preparedness for multisite research, with a focus on engaging Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other non-CTSA institutions. The project seeks to broaden inclusivity in research and strengthen technical infrastructure for response to Expression of Interest (EOI) requests. 
Funding: NIH/NCATS/NIA (1U24TR004437-01) 
Collaborator: Gordon R. Bernard, MD, Vanderbilt University 

The Sepsis ClinicAl Resource And Biorepository (SCARAB) Project 
Major Goals: SCARAB aims to revolutionize clinical research in sepsis by creating a comprehensive clinical dataset linked to longitudinal biospecimens and outcomes data. The project, funded by NIH, aligns with the NIGMS Priorities in Sepsis Research initiative to improve understanding and treatment of sepsis. 
Funding: NIH (1 R21GM144915-01) 
Collaborator: Julie Bastarache, MD; Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Lab Team


Meharry SACS and EDA team members

Ashutosh Singhal, Ph.D. 
Chief Data Officer & Associate Vice-President, 
Clinical Data Stewardship, Enterprise Data and Analytics Division
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Data Science,  
School of Applied Computational Sciences
Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN 37208 

Kirollos Lewis
Clinical Informatics Analyst, 
Department of Clinical Data Stewardship 
Enterprise Data and Analytics Division (EDA) 
Meharry Medical College 

Meharry team members

Dr. Rajbir Singh, MBBS 
Executive Director, Precision Medicine and Health Equity Trials Design 
Chair, MMC IRB Committee  
Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) 
Center for Women’s Health Center (CWHR) 
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine 
School of Medicine 


Christianne Roumie, M.D., M.P.H 
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics 
Institute for Medicine and Public Health 
Director, Masters of Public Health Program 
Dept. of Health Policy 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Russell L. Rothman, M.D., M.P.P. 
Institute for Medicine and Public Health 
Senior Vice President, Population and Public Health 
Ingram Chair in Integrative and Population Health 
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, & Health Policy 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Julie A. Bastarache, M.D. 
Associate Professor 
Department of Medicine, Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Gordon R. Bernard, M.D. 
Executive Vice President for Research 
Melinda Owens Bass Professor of Medicine 
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences 
Director, Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical & Translational Research 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center