Research News

Nguyen helps develop model that can quickly streamline treatment and resources for COVID-19 patients

Dr. Long Nguyen and colleagues use wearable technology data and introduce a model withlong-short term memory and deep neural network to identify and predict COVID-19 stages. Their work helps identify patients that will need hospital treatment, prioritizing hospital resources while still keep caring for other patients at home.

Jumpstart Nova launches as first venture fund to invest exclusively in Black founded and led health care companies in the U.S.

Jumpstart Health Investors, alongside leading limited partners, announce the launch of Jumpstart Nova, the first venture fund in America to invest exclusively in Black-founded and led companies at the forefront of health care innovation.

Lockett helps present White House with recommendations for equitable future of science and technology

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recently asked the American public to help make science and technology inclusive and benefit all Americans. David Lockett, grants proposal development and awards management specialist, is among a group of early career voices that accepted the challenge.