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Grant to fund new lab and classroom for cybersecurity in health care

New treatments, early disease detection and improved patient care are all benefits of the digital, interconnected health care system. But that data ecosystem is also susceptible to cybersecurity threats. Meharry SACS seeks to prepare Biomedical Data Science Ph.D. students to tackle these challenges. A $60,000 grant from the CAE-Cybersecurity Education Diversity Initiative will create a…

Taylor speaks on race and risk at National Big Data Health Science Conference

When Loni Taylor presented at the National Big Data Health Science Conference at the University of South Carolina, she expected to contribute important insight into race and Alzheimer’s Disease. Instead, the Biomedical Data Science Ph.D. student experienced much more. She met students and faculty from several institutions who share her research interests. But she also had the new experience of providing the lead presentation for an entire session.

Ghosh helps develop an intelligent resource management technique for 5G and beyond communication networks

5G and beyond technology has great potential to positively impact smart health care networks, the Internet of Things for disaster management, and other areas of health care. However, the dynamic resource management of these complex networks must be improved to achieve those benefits. Dr. Uttam Ghosh, associate professor of cybersecurity, and colleagues have proposed a solution.

Tech Giant Oracle Establishes $500,000 Scholarship Fund for Meharry SACS

While black workers account for just 5% of engineers and architects and 7% in computer occupations today, Oracle is looking to help close this disparity gap. Recently, the tech leader granted Meharry Medical College – School of Applied Computational Sciences (SACS) $500,000 in scholarship funds as a part of its Diversity and Inclusion “Inspire Your Future (IYF)” initiative.