Meharry SACS students and faculty can access first-class computing and data resources through our partners at the Enterprise Data and Analytics Division (EDA). These tools are ideal for applying advanced data visualization and big data analytics tools for research and development.

The Ada/Midframe high-performance, on-premise supercomputing network offers robust computational power, advanced parallel processing capabilities, and optimized data management to push the boundaries of innovation and discovery.

Cloud computing resources streamline data storage that is both secure and private while also providing the computing power to run analytics on large data. The EDA cloud services include Azure data factory, Azure machine learning and Azure SQL managed instance.

The EDA also provides access to clinical data. These resources include national clinical data like PCORI, Social Determinants of Health Data, and the National Cohort COVID Collaborative. The Meharry dataset, developed from the Meharry Health System, features diverse data from multiple, disparate sources and is accessible through the Azure Cloud environment.

Clinical Data Snapshots