Student Research Opportunities

Students in our academic programs can build a portfolio of experience by partnering with faculty on research projects. By applying their coursework to live data, they will take part in meaningful work for drug discovery, public health crises like COVID-19, genomics and other important contributions of data science. The research areas of SACS faculty are listed below. Students should simply contact the faculty member whose work interests them.

Dr. Aize Cao

Dr. Cao primarily works in the Population Health Disparity Research Lab. The focus of the lab is advancing health care informatics and predictive models for patient health improvement. The focus of the lab is developing and utilizing statistical tools and integrating resources to increase data integrity and completeness to improve patient health outcome prediction and visualization.

Students will have opportunity to work with electronic health records (EHR), extract phenotype factors, and develop statistical and machine learning models to better understand patient health disparity and help with clinical decision support.

Dr. Vibhuti Gupta

Dr. Gupta primarily works in the mHealth Wearables Sensors Lab. His primary research interests are:

  • mHealth wearable sensor data analytics
  • Data mining
  • Natural language processing
  • Information retrieval
  • Application of deep learning in health care
  • Distributed computing

Dr. Qingguo Wang

Dr. Wang works in the Genomics Lab.

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computational biology
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis and software development