Scholarship opportunities for African American students

We recognize that graduate school is a significant investment in your personal and professional development. We are also dedicated to growing African American representation in the data science industry. In fact, we offer scholarships for up to 50% of tuition for qualifying African American students.

The scholarships will be offered to students admitted to attend the M.S. Data Science, or the M.S. or Ph.D. Biomedical Data Science programs and will be applied toward the first year of enrollment. The admission application will also serve as the scholarship application.

We look forward to discussing scholarships, the application process and our academic programs with you. You can email with any questions or complete the request information form.

Also, as you consider this investment in your career, know that according to, the average base salary for data scientists is more than $116,000 and projects to increase by 13 percent to $131,289 in 2026.

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