Scholarship opportunities

Direct Relief Scholars

Direct Relief has awarded Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences $400,000 to develop diverse leaders with the expertise to eliminate heath disparities.

10 Direct Relief Scholars will receive:

  • A full scholarship for the M.S. Biomedical Data Science
  • Funding to attend national health disparities conferences and for a 10-week internship program that will provide research and exposure to issues affecting health disparities.

Direct Relief Scholars need to be enrolled in the Fall 2023 cohort at Meharry SACS. The scholarship is partially funded by the Direct Relief Fund for Health Equity. Meharry SACS funds the balance.

Oracle “Inspire Your Future” Scholarship

Oracle has established a $500,000 scholarship fund for the Meharry SACS as a part of the Oracle Diversity and Inclusion “Inspire Your Future” initiative.

The initiative includes scholarship funds and a guaranteed internship at Oracle’s Nashville office. The funds will support 10 Meharry students. Each student is eligible to receive $25,000 toward their education at Meharry.

Scholarships will be awarded to selected students who meet the following criteria.

  1. Enrolled at Meharry, School of Applied Computational Sciences with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. Completed FAFSA application on file.

* Preference is given to students 1) from Nashville and surrounding area, 2) from the state of Tennessee, and 3) from an area close to an Oracle headquarters.

Meharry SACS Scholarships

We recognize that graduate school is a significant investment in your personal and professional development. As an HBCU, we are also dedicated to increasing diversity in the data science industry.

Students admitted to attend the M.S. Data Science, or the M.S. or Ph.D. Biomedical Data are eligible for scholarships of up to 50 percent of tuition. Those awards will be applied toward the first year of enrollment and, depending on academic performance and funding, may be awarded again. The admission application will also serve as the scholarship application.

We look forward to discussing scholarships, the application process and our academic programs with you. You can email with any questions or complete the request information form.

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