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In the fast-paced world of finance, adaptation and innovation are key to success. Dario Perez, a first-year Master’s student in Meharry’s SACS M.S. Data Science program, embodies this ethos.

He has quickly applied his coding and new data skills to his work on the coding analyst team at Alliance Bernstein. His drive was recently recognized with his promotion from associate officer coding analyst to assistant vice president coding analyst during his first semester in the data science program.

Dario’s educational journey began at the University of the West Indies, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. However, after migrating to New York City he became inspired by the financial hub of Wall Street. He landed an internship at Alliance Bernstein that led to a full-time position as a pricing analyst.

Dario embraced his role and pursued every opportunity for advancement. He moved to Nashville when Alliance Bernstein opened an office in the city and soon transitioned to a coding analyst role. He then strengthened his technical skills through Nashville Software School’s software engineering boot camp. 

However, it was a pivotal project at Alliance Bernstein that sparked Dario’s interest in data science. Tasked with automating the compliance process for retirement accounts, Dario witnessed firsthand the transformative power of data science in streamlining operations and driving efficiency.

“That was when I was really introduced to the data science team and data science in general,” says Dario. “Technology is so broad that you can really hone in on what actually interests you, especially as a company as large as Alliance Bernstein.”

“So I started doing research and meeting with different mentors, just trying to understand the data science space more,” he adds.

After learning about the Master’s in Data Science degree program at Meharry, he knew it was an obvious fit. His fiancée’s family includes several Meharrians, further aligning his interest in data science with his future.

Dario quickly found opportunities to leverage his education to his work.

“I’ve started to implement some of the techniques I learned in data science like dealing with missing data, how to think about analyzing large data sets, and drawing insights from them,” he says.

He is also visualizing data to help his team get more meaningful insights than they can by examining 100,000 lines of code or 100,000 lines in Excel work. 

“I’ve learned some techniques and tools that are able to sort of help me summarize them and present them in a more meaningful way and it has proved to be really beneficial for all these stakeholders at Alliance Bernstein on the investment side as well as the technology side,” he explains. 

Dario’s ascent at Alliance Bernstein underscores the growing demand for data-driven solutions in the financial sector. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and finance positions him as a valuable asset within the organization.

As he looks ahead to the future, Dario is eager to delve deeper into machine learning and tackle complex challenges across various industries.

“My team definitely sees the value in my work on these projects and it really did lead me to getting my promotion,” says Dario. “Everyone is really happy with how I can visualize with Power BI and different data science tools.”

“And we’re only in the initial stages of the full master’s degree program,” he adds. “This is only my first semester, so I’m really looking forward to the next semesters to see what else I can do.”