Shara Taylor

Nashville, Tenn.

M.S. Data Science

Shara Taylor developed a passion for data analysis through her career with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

“As a research analyst, my primary responsibilities included data analysis. I loved it. Now, as an urban development specialist, data analysis is only part of my job, but it is consistently my favorite part, “says Taylor.

Prior to Meharry, Taylor had taken a few continuing education courses in data science where she learned the basics of SQL, R and Python.

The M.S. Data Science program offered an intriguing opportunity to continue that path.

“I was excited at the prospect of being part of the first cohort at the School of Applied Computational Sciences,” says Taylor.  “Meharry’s courses drew me in because they covered the gaps I had from my continuing education classes.”

She also saw new possible career advantages to the program.

“The program has a rigorous curriculum that will prepare me to work in any industry.”

And Taylor envisions a future role where she can improve society with her government background and advanced skills in data science.

“I want to build and maintain database infrastructures and analyze data for government and non-profit entities to help them better serve their target populations,” says Taylor.