Printable Student Expectations Card

Equipping Current and Future Leaders
of the 21st Century Data-Dependent Economy

Brand Mantra

The three words that articulate the “heart and soul” of the SACS are Innovate, Connect, and Serve. These three words stand out in our Mission Statement.

Overall Goal (Vision)

To be recognized for our impact on society.

Overall Purpose (Mission)

The School of Applied Computational Sciences advances scholarship in key domains of computational sciences by Innovating through academic excellence and impactful research, Connecting to key health care industries, businesses, influencers, and thought leaders in the areas of computational science, and Serving society at large.

Student Expectations

SACS expectations for student learning align with its mission statement. SACS is here to assist its students in reaching their academic, professional, and personal goals, and to instill hearts of service and compassion in them. As a SACS student, you will be expected to:

  • Refer to your syllabus throughout the semester;
  • Learn and think critically, and take time to ask questions when you do not understand something;
  • Build problem-solving skills by attempting to solve the problem(s) yourself first;
  • Maintain relationships with your professors (and advisors) and report to them any degree of difficulty that you may experience with your courses;
  • Come to every advising meeting prepared with questions, materials and/or topics to be discussed;
  • Accept full responsibility for your academic success and acknowledge that academic advisors are only one of many resources for achieving success;
  • Be a self-advocate and learn how to locate and utilize available institutional resources and student support services;
  • Embrace service, professional development, and research activities to prepare for your future career opportunities;
  • Make connections between classroom instruction and the real-world and get involved beyond the classroom;
  • Demonstrate respectful, courteous, and professional behavior, all-round, and when communicating with faculty in person or through e-mail; and
  • Display an attitude toward work that includes integrity, responsibility, and a desire for excellence.