Welcome to the School of Applied Computational Sciences! 

At the School of Applied Computational Sciences, we apply computational and data science to positively impact society. We pursue this vision by innovating through academic excellence and impactful research that serves to enhance the health care and technology communities in Nashville and beyond. 

Our online M.S. Data ScienceM.S. Biomedical Data Science, and Ph.D. Biomedical Data Science programs add an important component to Meharry’s storied academic tradition. Students learn from accomplished faculty who use data science to address a wide range of health care issues. Our online courses include live discussions where students can also learn from sharing each other’s perspectives.  

We equip our students with industry-relevant skills and state-of-the-art computational approaches, including statistical, machine learning, and deep learning, with which they will be able to work collaboratively to elucidate, unravel, and interpret complicated latent relationships that help business and industry leaders make strategic decisions and optimize outcomes. Equally important, our students sharpen critical thinking skills, gain real-world experiences, and learn to conduct research, analyze problems, explore alternative solutions, determine optimal solutions, and effectively communicate and justify their findings to any audience.   

Our research and development faculty and staff are essential to our mission of service. Powered by our impressive clinical database and first-class computing resources, they apply advanced scientific computing to bioinformatics, finance, personalized medicine and several other areas to address some of society’s most complex problems.  

Located in Nashville, we also actively partner with members of its dynamic health care, tech and business community. This collaboration adds a data science perspective to their business problems, while also presenting exciting educational and networking opportunities for our students. The partnerships extend nationally to include government entities, technology organizations, medical and educational institutions, and national centers of excellence in high performance computing.

I hope you will enjoy learning more about our School and we look forward to your involvement with our programs.  


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Fortune S. Mhlanga
Dean, School of Applied Computational Sciences
Senior Vice President for Enterprise Data and Analytics